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COUPLE PASS includes 3 hours of morning classes on Saturday and Sunday and festival parties. Couple pass also includes classes on the "Kraków w Formie" panel in room C on Saturday.

 Classes included in COUPLE PASS:


 10:30 Bodymovement Technique (Osmani)

 11:40 Salsa in couples (Piotrek & Regla)

 12:50 Salsa in couples (Yanny & Regla)


 10:30 Reglaton (Regla)

 11:40 Salsa in couples (Piotrek & Ania Kurowska)

 12:50 Salsa con hip-hop (Osmani & Natalia Cebula)

 COUPLE PASS does not include other festival classes and bootcamp with Barbara Jimenez

COUPLE PASS- BailaTON Dance Festival

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